Monday, July 20, 2009

Ape Love

Hey all,

I'm Christian Berntsen, one of the co-writers of the Conspiracy novel. Just wanted to introduce myself, and let you know a little of what to expect here.

We will be charting the course of the book's creation here to varying degrees (meaning we'll hint, and occasionally reveal, but not spoil anything), give you updates regarding our company BLAM! Ventures--which is putting this whole shebang together, profile the creators involved (there's a LOT of them), and point you to the places Conspiracy of the Planet of the Apes pops up on the web and elsewhere.

On the latter point, I'd like to direct you to two very fine gentlemen, author and publisher Chris Roberson, and Pyr Books editorial director Lou Anders.

Chris gave us a very nice write up on his blog this morning, showing off that cool Joe Jusko art we'll be featuring at San Diego Comic Con this week. Take a look at his site, read what he has to say about us, and if you get a chance, check out some of his writing. If you're a lover of alternate histories, pulp adventure and everything in between, you'll enjoy what he has to offer. He also runs an independent publishing company with his wife called MonkeyBrain Books, specializing in science fiction and fantasy fiction and nonfiction genre studies (some cool and eclectic stuff there).

Lou was less verbose, but no less kind in his posting of our info and link. As I metioned Lou is the editorial director for Prometheus Books science fiction and fantasy imprint Pyr, and has been bringing award winning fiction to us for the past several years by the likes of Ian MacDonald, Kay Kenyon, Mike Resnick, and a host of others. Any of them would be well worth your time, and if you are looking for advice on writing or publishing in general, track down any interview with Lou and you won't be sorry.

As others talk us up, we'll make note and repay them in kind here. I know many of the POTA fan clubs have been buzzing about the book for a little bit now, and I only expect that excitement to grow as we get closer to next spring.

While I'm here, I'll direct you to my personal blog for a moment (if I may be so self-serving), and show you what I posted yesterday: here it is.

I'll leave you with that, the writing life is less glamorous than it seems, as I still have a job to get to in the morning. Until next time...

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