Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday afternoon, late

After a long day on Thursday that became a long night for most of us, we returned somewhat rested and ready to go back to the floor.

Things started a little early when the con organizers decided to let everyone in 15 minutes before scheduled. We had to get the booth up and running while helping con-goers looking for the free replicas of Landon's dog tags and today's free Matt Busch card (Ursus for the curious).

Speaking of the dog tags, I'm told a set has already gone up on eBay, selling for $18.00. They could've at least waited until after the con, maybe they would've gotten a better price.

Joe Jusko was onboard to sign his print "Alpha" again, and the legendary Sanjulian stopped by to sign his print "Omega." Both will be back on Saturday and Sunday, Jusko from 1-2 pm and Sanjulian from 3-4pm. Stop by and pick up a set and get them signed and personalized by the artists. Here are the prints on display:

Some more pictures of the booth, and a hint of some of the other art we got coming.


  1. Christian,

    I'm about three hundred and twenty light years away (AKA London) and these images you're posting are at once exciting and frustrating!

    Any plans for promotions outside of the USA?

    I wish you guys all the luck in the world.


  2. Hi, guys,

    The booth looks great! I wish I could have seen it live, as planned.


  3. Dave, sorry to tease so. We won't be headed to your neck of the woods, unfortunately. The best I can do is tempt you with more images, which I'm about to post.

    Rich, we wish you were here,too, dude.

  4. Would Dave, by any chance, be Dave Ballard, co-editor of that damn, dirty Planet of the Apes magazine, Simian Scrolls? If so, greetings, Dave!

  5. Christian, you tease, you!

    Rich, C'mon, what are the chances of two people being called Dave in the world... Next thing, you'll be claiming I share my birthday with around 18 million other people!


    Hi Rich, how's the leg?

    Dave B


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