Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sanjulian Draws!

Both of the artists who provided the images for our exclusive prints had been signing for us daily at the con. I showed Joe Jusko hanging out and being interviewed on Thursday, now it's Sanjulian's turn.

Here he is on Saturday signing and sketching on the large banner featuring his art that we had made for our booth.

And at the table during the signing.

Despite the fact that none of us spoke Spanish, and Sanjulian didn't speak English, we got along really well and he's wonderful person. Joe Jusko had said that Sanjulian was a big influence on him as a kid, and ironically enough, their booths were next to each other in the artist's section of main floor (nothing we planned, just happy coincidence).

A fan of Sanjulian's who had just met him the first day of the con was kind enough to hang out each day and help us with translations (his names escapes me, but I will find out and update as we owe him a thanks).

The Apes universe hasn't seen the last of Sanjulian's brush.

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