Saturday, July 25, 2009

So long, San Diego

On my way home, but I have to say my first San Diego Comic Con treated me well. I'm not quite done with the reporting, after doing a little recovering on Sunday morning I have a few more Conspiracy related posts and one or two SDCC entries to make, too.

Co-writer and BLAM! Ventures creative director Drew Gaska will be signing on later in the week to give his take on SDCC and the future.

My flight awaits, good night San Diego, good night my fellow conspirators.


  1. Good night. Have a safe flight and thanks for all the updates.

  2. Christian, did the amount of interest from the public live up to your expectations?

    Dave B

  3. Yes, definitely. Pretty much everyone we talked to was incredibly enthusiastic, some fantastically so. There were a handful that weren't too interested once their curiosity was satisfied as to what we were about, but that's par for the course and they weren't Apes fans to begin with. We did get a bunch of people who hadn't been fans previously interested in the franchise, and I think we made some future sales from them, so we did our jobs and then some.

  4. @ jamesa1102 - Thanks and no problem. It's been a lot of fun.


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