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Everyone knows that the command capsule is the only part of the the Liberty (formerly the Icarus, formerly Air Force One) that has ever been shown in an official capacity in Planet of the Apes film and merchandizing. In designing the full ship for Conspiracy of the Planet of the Apes, Author Drew Gaska sought out starship designer extraordinaire Andrew Probert.
To the left is a glimpse at his painting in the book, just a little bit of a tease to whet your appetite for the full reveal this July 25th when the book hits stores nationwide. Not only is there a double page spread of Probert's gorgeous painting of the Liberty in action, but also the book's end papers have been designed to look like "blueprints" based off of Gaska's notes and Probert's design for the ship.


Andrew Probert’s artistic career spans over thirty years, ten of which were spent working on some of science-fiction fans’ favorite Hollywood productions.

He began on the small screen, designing the robotic Cylons for the original “Battlestar: Galactica”, moving on to the big screen as a major design contributor for “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”, working to update the overall look of Starfleet ships & hardware.

This led to a number of television and feature-film projects, including “Airwolf”, “Streethawk”, and “Back to the Future”. In 1987, Probert’s last Hollywood project proved to be the one for which he is most well known: “Star Trek: The Next Generation”. As the show’s Senior Illustrator, he designed the Enterprise bridge, battle-bridge, and provided concepts for the remaining sets & other hardware, while designing the exteriors of the Ferengi Marauder, Romulan Warbird, and Enterprise-D spaceships.

In 1989, Probert joined Walt Disney Imagineering, designing various themepark rides & attractions. Years later, he entered the video game industry working with Spectrum Holobyte, Sega, and recently, Perpetual Entertainment.

Andrew is currently involved in producing paintings and an occasional book cover.

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