Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Good Neighbors

I spent most of last week down with the flu, but am feeling much better now. Just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to out neighbors at Comic Con this year, a bunch nicer people you couldn’t have asked to be next to.

The people at Haunted Memories make creepy changing portraits–lenticular pictures that transform rather nice looking folks in antique photos into all sorts of undead, invisible, anthropomorphic and other assorted wonders.

I picked up a trio of pictures while there, one for myself and the other two as gifts (well received gifts). They do custom jobs as well.

On the other side were the folks at BOOM! Studios (oh the irony, BLAM! Ventures and BOOM! Studios next to each other, now if there were only a POW! Press to complete us). They get cool points for making sure our booth stayed open to traffic when their singing lines got long.

I wanted to get a chance to peruse their fare, but unfortunately my other duties called. Someday I will pick up their Farscape comics, as I miss that show and am keen to see where they took it.

(Hey - if you look below their banner, you'll see the banner for Archaia, the publisher that is putting out our creator owned comic Critical Millennium next spring - a busy time for us)

* * *

Getting late and sleep calls, I will do a final wrap tomorrow with a couple of amusing pictures I took on my limited journeys around the main floor.

Sleep well, conspirators.

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