Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Taking a couple of days off

Turns out I got sick on the plane ride home so I'll be quiet on the blog for the next couple days. I'll be back soon with some final San Diego posts and then onward.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Robert J. Sawyer blogs us, Lou Anders stops by

I've been negligent in mentioning this, mainly due to the fact that the blog app I've been using on my iPhone to blog the con not having the functionality to do links easy (we'll forget my laziness in not wanting to type out the url), but we got another author talking about us!

Robert J. Sawyer was cool enough to give us a mention on his blog the other day when our editor Rich dropped him a line about the project. Mr. Sawyer is a well known and respected author and futurist, and he's got a new TV show being adapted from his novel FlashForward set to go on ABC soon. He's a big fan of the POTA movies, and from his reaction to the news of our novels, I'd say we caught his interest.

* * *

Among the many fans and convention-goers who stopped by over the weekend was Lou Anders, editorial director for Pyr Books. Lou had given us a mention last week on his personal blog, and along with the many other things he was doing at San Diego, he was out and about conducting quick interviews for the podcast Adventures in SciFi Publishing, of which I was one (my first for this project). I'm not sure if I will make the cut or not, but don't let that stop you from checking out the podcast. Hosts Shaun and Sam do an excellent job of bringing you entertaining and informative interviews and industry news, and if you have any interest in SF/F publishing and how it works you should check out the show archives, it's a treasure chest of awesome advice. I know Sam was at the convention, and she was on my list of people to track down and stalk--uhm, I mean talk to, but I sadly didn't get the chance.

Here's Lou at the booth, doing what I like to call his "Action Lou Anders" pose:

We were both wearing orange shirts. I was much less action oriented in the picture he took of me, however. I'm thinking it was just a coincidence.

I still have a couple of bits left over from SDCC, not all necessarily Conspiracy related, which I'll put up tomorrow.

Lost in the shuffle

Here's a picture I seem to have forgotten to post. It was the other art wall.

Look close, you'll see a sketch of Steranko's cover! Click for a bigger view.

Sanjulian Draws!

Both of the artists who provided the images for our exclusive prints had been signing for us daily at the con. I showed Joe Jusko hanging out and being interviewed on Thursday, now it's Sanjulian's turn.

Here he is on Saturday signing and sketching on the large banner featuring his art that we had made for our booth.

And at the table during the signing.

Despite the fact that none of us spoke Spanish, and Sanjulian didn't speak English, we got along really well and he's wonderful person. Joe Jusko had said that Sanjulian was a big influence on him as a kid, and ironically enough, their booths were next to each other in the artist's section of main floor (nothing we planned, just happy coincidence).

A fan of Sanjulian's who had just met him the first day of the con was kind enough to hang out each day and help us with translations (his names escapes me, but I will find out and update as we owe him a thanks).

The Apes universe hasn't seen the last of Sanjulian's brush.

Hello, New York

Just landed. An hour's drive, a little breakfast, and a lot of sleep for me.

The rest of the gang are still at SDCC, I'll try and get the day's doings -- and like I said I still have a few reserve posts for later today.

More soon.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

So long, San Diego

On my way home, but I have to say my first San Diego Comic Con treated me well. I'm not quite done with the reporting, after doing a little recovering on Sunday morning I have a few more Conspiracy related posts and one or two SDCC entries to make, too.

Co-writer and BLAM! Ventures creative director Drew Gaska will be signing on later in the week to give his take on SDCC and the future.

My flight awaits, good night San Diego, good night my fellow conspirators.

The other wall

I got one more shot for you of our awesome booth, check out the signing table. You can see Joe Jusko's original painting is on the corner of the table to the left and Sanjulian's is on the wall behind.

San Diego goes Ape!

We were invaded!

Thanks to Jeff & family, and Kevin for letting us share their pictures. You guys are great!

A Conspiracy artist stops by

Leo Leibelman came to the booth last night to say hi and was kind enough to pose by his contribution to the book, a painting called "The Song."

Why is it called that you may ask? You'll have to wait until spring 2010 when you can buy the book to find out.

Comic Con - Saturday

They just opened the doors not even 5 minutes before this.

Madness, I tell you.

Edit to add: Apparently Saturday isn't quite the monster day it once was, seems preview night on Wednesday had it's eye on the title. It didn't seem that way to me that morning, however.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday afternoon, late

After a long day on Thursday that became a long night for most of us, we returned somewhat rested and ready to go back to the floor.

Things started a little early when the con organizers decided to let everyone in 15 minutes before scheduled. We had to get the booth up and running while helping con-goers looking for the free replicas of Landon's dog tags and today's free Matt Busch card (Ursus for the curious).

Speaking of the dog tags, I'm told a set has already gone up on eBay, selling for $18.00. They could've at least waited until after the con, maybe they would've gotten a better price.

Joe Jusko was onboard to sign his print "Alpha" again, and the legendary Sanjulian stopped by to sign his print "Omega." Both will be back on Saturday and Sunday, Jusko from 1-2 pm and Sanjulian from 3-4pm. Stop by and pick up a set and get them signed and personalized by the artists. Here are the prints on display:

Some more pictures of the booth, and a hint of some of the other art we got coming.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Getting press!

A local film crew from Platt College is covering the convention and they're interviewing Andrew about the book. Joe Jusko stopped by for his signing just as they were getting started and joined in the fun.

There they are, looking good.

We'll link to the interview when it's up.

I present to you the Booth

Just arrived at the convention center and the booth looks awesome!

If your here, stop by.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

San Diego bound

Just a quick note, primarily to test out my new blog app for my iPhone, but also to let you know I will be heading out to Comic Con early tomorrow (and hopefully have better luck on Delta than the rest of the BLAM! Crew who flew out ahead of me on Monday.

Hopefully I'll get to do some live blogging from the convention floor, give you a look at our booth, and show off some of our artists. More later, be good until then.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ape Love

Hey all,

I'm Christian Berntsen, one of the co-writers of the Conspiracy novel. Just wanted to introduce myself, and let you know a little of what to expect here.

We will be charting the course of the book's creation here to varying degrees (meaning we'll hint, and occasionally reveal, but not spoil anything), give you updates regarding our company BLAM! Ventures--which is putting this whole shebang together, profile the creators involved (there's a LOT of them), and point you to the places Conspiracy of the Planet of the Apes pops up on the web and elsewhere.

On the latter point, I'd like to direct you to two very fine gentlemen, author and publisher Chris Roberson, and Pyr Books editorial director Lou Anders.

Chris gave us a very nice write up on his blog this morning, showing off that cool Joe Jusko art we'll be featuring at San Diego Comic Con this week. Take a look at his site, read what he has to say about us, and if you get a chance, check out some of his writing. If you're a lover of alternate histories, pulp adventure and everything in between, you'll enjoy what he has to offer. He also runs an independent publishing company with his wife called MonkeyBrain Books, specializing in science fiction and fantasy fiction and nonfiction genre studies (some cool and eclectic stuff there).

Lou was less verbose, but no less kind in his posting of our info and link. As I metioned Lou is the editorial director for Prometheus Books science fiction and fantasy imprint Pyr, and has been bringing award winning fiction to us for the past several years by the likes of Ian MacDonald, Kay Kenyon, Mike Resnick, and a host of others. Any of them would be well worth your time, and if you are looking for advice on writing or publishing in general, track down any interview with Lou and you won't be sorry.

As others talk us up, we'll make note and repay them in kind here. I know many of the POTA fan clubs have been buzzing about the book for a little bit now, and I only expect that excitement to grow as we get closer to next spring.

While I'm here, I'll direct you to my personal blog for a moment (if I may be so self-serving), and show you what I posted yesterday: here it is.

I'll leave you with that, the writing life is less glamorous than it seems, as I still have a job to get to in the morning. Until next time...

“That’s one small step for man…

“…one giant headache for Apekind.” To paraphrase.

Welcome to The Conspiracy Apes blog, the official news source for the upcoming novel Conspiracy of the Planet of the Apes coming in spring 2010 from BLAM! Ventures.

In some ways it’s a fitting day to start this blog, as today marks the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the moon and Neil Armstrong making history with his misquote. A year and a half prior to that Planet of the Apes starring Charlton Heston as Col. George Taylor was released, and posited not only deep space travel to another world, but also time travel (well, of a sort... and you know how well that went for them).

Many have dreams of broaching that frontier, finding life on other planets, discovering that there is indeed something more out there (maybe, as Col. Taylor hopes, better). We’re a long way off from that prospect, fortunately for us there are the dreamers working both sides of the equation to make that happen.

The scientists, engineers and all involved with NASA and similar agencies around the world strive to put humanity among the stars. While on the flip side, the writers, the illustrators, the architects of imagination endeavor to bring us there in a more cerebral, and perhaps an even truer way. As an audience, we look to Science Fiction to escape the mundane of our lives, to stretch the boundaries of our soul, and to set our minds burning with possibilities.

One such possibility can be found in the Planet of the Apes universe. Part warning about how we treat ourselves and those we share this planet with, part ripping good tale with a twist at the end that makes every teller of tales envious. We’re here to expand that world and show you the things you haven’t seen yet, bring you the stories you only imagined.

The first one lies in a conspiracy, and centers on an astronaut named John Landon who longed for home, and whose fate while already predetermined, is anything but predictable.

Ready to uncover the truth?